Full Spectrum CBD Oil with PCR Extract

Now available in 750mg to 1500mg with a variety of flavors, flavors may vary. Our full spectrum tincture drops provides you with a full spectrum high quality potent dose of hemp extract, blended with wholesome hemp seed oil, PCR extract (Phytocannabinoid Rich). You will get all the benefits of the plant and receive the “entourage effect,”  which means you are getting other trace parts of the plant that is used that can include CBD,CBG,CBN,CBC, TERPENES, FLAVONOIDS, and other beneficial nutrients in the hemp plant. Ohio Valley CBD Oil Full Spectrum complies with Federal law for the legal amount of THC to be allowed in CBD Oil.

Our products are manufactured in a facility within the USA and

  • Follows FDA GMP guidelines, producing Organic products.
  • Ohio Valley CBD only purchases products from manufacturing facilities who use extracts that are USA Grown Industrial Hemp from Registered Farms in Kentucky.

The 750mg Full Spectrum contains 30 drops per full dropper at 25 mg per full dropper.

The 1000mg Full Spectrum contains 30 drops per full dropper at 33.33 mg per full dropper.

The 1500mg Full Spectrum contains 30 drops per full bottle at 50mg per full droppper.

Everyone’s dose can vary, it is not a one size fits all dosing. The recommended dose per lab is 1 full dropper, or instructed by your Dr, 1-2 times a day, but you may start out with less, such as 10-15 drops 1-2 times a day, which would be half dose.

Don’t worry if you go a few drops over, this is not the same as dosing with traditional pharmaceutical products.

Ohio Valley CBD Oil Tinctures are:

  • Affordable
    Our oils are affordable and below the average market retail price. You can purchase these products here for as little as $65.00 per bottle for Full Spectrum (starting at $55 for THC Free Isolates)

Full Spectrum Contains: Hemp seed oil, Omega 3 fatty acid, Omega 6 fatty acid, Omega 9 fatty acid, PCR extract (Phytocannabinoid Rich)

Full Spectrum CBD Oil


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